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Economy For Humanity

The Pledge

Humanity needs an economy that meets our needs while safeguarding the life-support system of our planet. Therefore, we urge all those who partake in economy be it as producer, provider, or user, to pledge:

I will carry out economic activities with the goal to meet our needs while safeguarding Earth's life-support systems, on which the wellbeing of current an future generations depends.


Economy is the link between humanity and the Earth's life support systems. The inherent goal of economy is not to make money or to increase wealth; the inherent goal, and the only goal that can lead to a sustainable development, is to regulate how we meet our needs without degrading or destroying Earth's life support systems, on which we all depend.

Much of today's economic activities are misguided by a perverse goal to increase wealth with no regard for our basic life-support system.

See Economy4Humanity for details.