Community Services

Our Services for Communities

Tiwah supports communities engaged on linking science and society with services ranging from hosting, developing, and maintaining web sites (e.g., the GEOSS Science and Technology Service Suite GSTSS for the GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Network (GSTSN) and the IEEE OES Ocean Plastics Inititative); organizing workshops (see the list of workshops at the GSTSS Meeting Portal), and leading or contributing to community reports (e.g., the Extreme Geohazards report).

Tiwah has developed software for a web workspace that provides a collaborative platform easily adaptable to the need of communities that want to carry out project related to societal problems. Tiwah also engaged in the development of a participatory and transdisciplinary approach to wicked problem in sustainability, which aims at bringing evidence based on Earth observations to the community addressing a wicked problem. Since wicked problems are unique, Tiwah utilizes case studies to address these problems. The web workspace offers a number of tools for these case studies.