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Tiwah is engaged in research related to Anthropocene Risks and in particular those risk that are Global Catastrophic Risks (GCRs). Currently, research focuses among others on modern climate change as a symptom of the much larger syndrome of modern global change, which is the result of a single-species high energy pulse.

The rappidly growing amount of marine litter poses a major challenge to the health of the ocean, and combined with other anthropogenic threats to the marine biosphere, this translates into the Anthropocene risk of a major state shift in the marine biosphere. Processes that contribute to this risk include the nutrient flow into the ocean, the heat storage due to the current very large Earth Energy Imbalance (EEI), and the resulting explosive growth of sargassum.

Tiwah also engages in research related to the creation and use of evidence based on Earth observations. In particular, Tiwah proposes a transition from the current concept that considers data as passive objects to a new concept that considers data as active subjects.